Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Virtual Reality Technology for viewing homes

Woweeee zoweeeeee! Look what's coming!  An article in the New York Times last Sunday had a article on what will soon be a buyer's easiest way to view potential listings.  When listings started getting posted online and buyers were able to sign up at various websites to be notified when listings in their preferred neighborhoods came up for sale, we thought it was great.  Buyers could then peruse the listings at night  or from home without driving around and around (or making the agent drive them around and around).....and determine which houses they wanted to see.  Then came the "drones"....and we all thought that was quite the technological advancement.  But now!  Now we're starting to see virtual reality technology that will allow buyers to put on a headset and "walk thru" the property without even stepping foot onto the property!  It appears that in New York City builders and developers are using this technology to market properties that haven't even been built yet.  They're able to pull up renderings of specific apartments and views of structures that haven't even been built yet.  The technology is expected to transform the real estate industry and may make house-hunting even more efficient!  It is hoped that this technology would give companies a competitive edge in marketing their properties.

The downside?  One salesman who was "trying out" the headset said he kept "bumping into" virtual walls and the headset was making him extremely nauseated. There is another technique though, used by another developer in Manhattan that uses a giant video wall to allow buyers and their executives to walk around the building and units being built, without the goggles.  They said they didn't want the investor who may be writing a multi-million dollar check to get dizzy and sick.   Another alternative suggested is the Google cardboard headset which typically costs less than $10 and that will soon be used by The Corcoran Group in New York.  They'll hand them out  with a "show sheet" that has a quick response code on the sheet that automatically starts the VR app.  Possible enhancements to the virtual experience are being evaluated and, amazingly enough,  it is even suggested that smells and tastes were being developed......you'd be able to smell fresh lemons or cookies baking in the oven.......!!   Once these headsets have been perfected and viewers aren't getting queasy and dizzy, think how efficient this would be.  

But don't forget!  Realtors are your lifeline for getting that perfect property and getting the best deal!
Make sure you have a good strong professional experienced agent to represent you!  

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