Thursday, May 19, 2016

Choose Your Realtor Carefully......everyone knows "someone" in real estate.....a relative, a friend, a many real estate agents are there in Sacramento alone?  ALOT!
Does that mean all real estate agents are "created equal" ?  Absolutely not.   I'm all for "keeping it in the family"  and using your sister or your mom as your real estate agent because it keeps "harmony" in the family.  What I'm NOT for,  is when you pick up the phone and randomly call a real estate office and talk to whatever agent is on "floor duty" that day.  You never know who you're speaking to or what their credentials are.  I'm sure there are many agents who take floor who are very qualified....then again,  there are other agents who are part-time,  or who have little or no business and who sign up for floor duty because it might bring them that one and only client.   Don't make that mistake.  It could be a catastrophic decision on your part.  There are many many good, professional hard working agents out there.  Do a little research and look at their website,  see if there are any testimonials (and call them!),  what kind of credentials do they have,  how long have they been selling real estate?  You want a Realtor who can get you through your transaction smoothly....solving any issues before they happen.  95% of all transactions go very smoothly and it's because you've selected a good agent.  Little "glitches" do sometimes come up, but you want a good agent on your side to get you through these glitches unscathed.  

The reason for this particular article is because I just wrapped up not one,  but two sales with an agent who probably should not be selling real estate.  He changed buyers on BOTH transactions mid-escrow,  would not return calls from the title company, his lender or me and we had an incredibly difficult time getting disclosures back.  It wasn't until we submitted a "48 hour notice to perform"  that we got any results.  My seller was ready to put the house back on the market because of his incompetence.  Before the 48 hours was up,  his buyer finally "did" perform and we were able to get it recorded.   Fortunately, my 91 year old seller was as cool as a cucumber and was happy when her proceeds hit the bank.  

I've been selling real estate for a long long time and I love what I do.  I know that solving any issues that come up, come as a result of many years of experience.  I also know that there are many other Realtors who haven't been selling this long,  who also have good skills to help you solve any problems.    So it isn't necessarily a prerequisite that your Realtor have 35 years of experience,  but it does mean that your Realtor should know what they're doing and have good skills and professional experience to make your transaction run smoothly toward a successful closing.  

* Thanks for reading my articles....I love selling real estate and would love to help you when you're ready to buy or sell!

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